Why was my online booking cancelled?

If you've booked your ticket but did not pay for it within specified time, usually it's 15 minutes, then your booking system may cancel your reservation. If this happens, you should repeat the booking process and pay for your ticket.

Booking cancelation

In the process of online ticket purchase, users first book their ticket and then pay for it in any available form of online transaction. According to regulations of external booking systems, the passenger has a specified amount of time, usually 15 minutes, to buy his reserved ticket. If within this time frame, user did not accomplish his payment, his booking is automatically cancelled. If this situation will take place, please repeat your booking and pay for the ticket.

See below examples of Terms and Conditions concerning online booking .

Voyager booking system

Buyer has 15 minutes from his booking to end the purchase. In case if he exceeded this time limit, his booking will be automatically cancelled.

source: Voyager Terms and Conditions.

euroTicket booking system

In case of online card or bank payment, buyer has 15 minutes from his booking to end his purchase. If he does not end the transaction within this time, his reservation will be automatically cancelled.

source: euroTicket Terms and Conditions.

Before making any payment, each user is obliged to read and accept the carriage conditions an booking system regulations.

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