Can I get a bus ticket with a student discount?

Yes, if only the bus company with whom you're going to take your journey, has them in its online offer. Very often, on international routes, to get your student discount you have to own International Student Identity Card (ISIC). In general, student discounts are 10% of the basic price.

Student discounts

At we presents tickets with all the discounts released to online sale by available bus companies. Buying bus ticket with a student discount is possible only if given bus company made them available. You can verify it after selecting your ticket on company's purchase forms or their Terms and Conditions section.

On international routes, companies quite often offer discounts to students who own International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Many of them also offer discounts to passengers under 26 even if they don't own a student card. In general, you can count on 10% off from the basic ticket price with your student card.