What should I do in case of loss or damage of my luggage?

If your luggage was damaged or lost during the journey, please report it immediately to the coach crew. You should receive a written confirmation, which may be needed for a possible complaint. You will find more details on the regulations of luggage transport and procedures applying when loss or damage occurred at your bus company's office or in its Terms and Conditions.

Lost or damaged luggage

If your luggage was lost or damaged during your journey, please report that fact immediately to bus crew. This unfortunate event should be confirmed by one of staff members on your ticket or in loss/damage protocol as an attachment to possible complaint. Legal liability for damaged or lost items as well as following procedures are determined by bus company in its Terms and Conditions. See below most commonly practiced regulations and company's liability concerning luggage transport. Please remember to familiarize yourself with Terms and Conditions of company with which you're about to travel.

Transporting luggage in luggage compartment

Luggage is received directly from the passenger, right before his boarding the bus. Passenger should receive a receipt for handing his luggage, which he will need to show to coach crew in order to collect his luggage after the journey. Usually collecting your luggage without any reservations, means that any claims for loss or damage to belongings have expired.

Transporting your hand luggage

For a loss or any damage caused to passenger's hand baggage carried on board of the vehicle, bus company will not be liable unless caused by the fault of the coach crew. Likewise, the company will not be liable for any loss or damage to passenger's valuables, unless coach crew took them for safekeeping, or loss or damage was caused by the fault of the company.

Company will not be liable

Companies usually indicate in their Terms and Conditions, that they will not be liable for the loss or damage of passenger's luggage resulting from:

  • passengers activities not caused by company fault,
  • inappropriate packing of the objects contained in luggage
  • placing objects excluded from carrying by company's Terms and Conditions,
  • loading or unloading luggage by the passenger,
  • force majeure.

For detailed information on transporting your luggage and instructions in case of loss or damage, please contact your carrier's office or read company's Terms and Conditions.

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