Can I travel with my pet?

Possibility of travelling with a pet on board of the coach depends on the company's rules. Contact your bus company's office or verify its Terms and Conditions before your journey.

Travelling with pets

Possibility of travelling with a pet on board of the coach depends on the company's rules. Detailed information on conditions of such carriage are available in company's Terms and Conditions or at the carrier's office. Generally bus companies do not allow to take animals on board of their vehicles, especially on international and long-haul routes. There might be some exceptions for guide and assistance dogs or on domestic routes but under certain conditions.

Terms and Conditions on animals carriage

If you're planning to travel with your pet, make sure first, whether it's possible. Contact your bus company's office or verify it in its Terms and Conditions.

Some bus companies allow their passengers to travel with small pets on international routes. Carried animals must have appropriate documents required for entry to destination country and his owner should prepare needed accessories such as leash, muzzle or cage. Price for transporting pets is determined by the company. Please remember that even if you will be granted with a permission to take your pet, such transport must not be disturbing to the rest of the passengers.

For journeys with guide or assistance dogs, animals must have certificates confirming their status and other necessary documents and accessories, depending on regulations of destination country or company's Terms and Conditions.

Refusal of animals carriage

Even if some companies according to their Terms and Conditions allow travelling with animals on boards of their vehicles, they may refuse such carriage with no specific reason, if there would be to many animals in the bus or if they consider that the animal could affect the safety or comfort of other passengers.

Conditions for animal transport are different for each bus company, so it is very important to verify and agree them with your bus company's office.