What should I do if my bus is late or didn't arrive at all?

If your bus is late or didn't arrive, please contact your bus company's office or the bus driver. Necessary contact details can be found on your ticket. You can also verify whether your carrier gives any information on delays or failures on its website or social media networks.

My bus didn't arrive or is late

If your bus is late or didn't arrive at bus stop at all, please contact your carrier's office or the bus driver. You should find necessary contact details on your ticket. Some companies can inform about delays or failures on their websites, social media networks or even send you a message.

It is also worth to know company's Terms and Conditions when it's you, who is late. Company can reserve its rights that the passenger's absence at the departure or for example 10 minutes before the departure is tantamount to his resignation from the journey. Such passenger won't be entitled to ticket refunds.

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