Can I cancel my ticket?

Ticket cancellation can be performed but on conditions set by the bus company. Conditions may vary for different types of tickets (single, return, open). Company is entitled to a deduction for the returned ticket, fees of such deduction are specified in company's Terms and Conditions. Carrier may also reserve the right to refuse the reimburse if the ticket was purchased on any sort of sale or deal.

Ticket cancellation

Returning your bus ticket is possible but under certain conditions set by the company.

You can return your online ticket by, logging into your managing panel on the website you've bought your ticket. Rules of cancellation are determined by the bus company in its Terms and Conditions. Carrier also defines time range of possible cancellation and potential fees attached to it. There may be some differences depending on the type - single, return, open - of the ticket.

Usually it's not possible to cancel your ticket and still get a refund just before the departure. It also might be impossible, if you bought your ticket in any kind of sale or deal. Such information should be displayed during the purchase.

Verify detailed information on your ticket cancellation in company's Terms and Condition or at its office.