Please find below most frequently asked questions concerning coach and bus travel, booking your ticket, luggage allowance or rebrutto.com itself

Do I get all the deals and discounts when I buy my online bus ticket?Can I get a bus ticket with a student discount?How can I buy a bus ticket for a child?What does '50% - Double comfort' discount mean?Will I pay less for my return ticket than I would for two single ones?Why on the same route tickets have different prices?Do I have to pay extra money if the fare for my ticket will change in time?What exactly is, an Open ticket?What is the validity period of Open bus ticket?How can I get a Loyalty or a Discount Card?How can I pay for my online bus ticket?What should I do if I did not receive the ticket on my mailbox?Can I buy a ticket for someone else?Can I change personal details on my ticket?Can I cancel my ticket?Do I get a refund when I cancel my ticket?Can I make just a reservation of my bus ticket?Why was my online booking cancelled?What services are included in the ticket price?Can I choose my seat in the bus?Do I need to have my ticket printed when I board the bus?How can I reprint my ticket?What do I do if I lose my ticket?Can I buy my bus ticket few months before the departure?Can I pay for my ticket with cash when I board the coach?Can I book my ticket online and pay for it at the bus?Do you have a call center, so I can book my ticket and pay for it in the bus?How much is for the ticket at the bus?Is it possible to pay with my credit or debit card at the bus?What does GID or ID of my ticket stand for?Apart from my ticket, do I need any other documents during my journey?Can I travel if my ID or passport is invalid?Are children allowed to travel alone?Does my child must have a car seat during the travel?Are there any longer stops scheduled during my travel?Is there any interchange during my journey?How big is bus crew during the journey?Will I get any help with my luggage during the interchange?Can I get off the bus on different stop than I've booked?Does the coach stop on all bus stops listed in timetable?Can I leave the bus in other than the scheduled stop place?How long before the departure do I need to be at the bus stop?How will I know which bus is mine?Will the bus wait for me if I'm slightly late?How can I contact my bus company's office or bus driver?What should I do if my bus is late or didn't arrive at all?Can I demand a refund for my ticket if the bus was canceled?Will I travel by a bus or a minibus?Can the bus driver refuse to take the passenger?What kind of luggage can I take?What is a standard luggage?Can I take a bike, skis, stroller or a wheelchair?What are the costs of extra luggage?What should I do in case of loss or damage of my luggage?What should I do if I've left something on the bus?Can I pass a package or a luggage by a bus?Can I travel with my pet?What type of ticket does my dog need?Can I access internet during my journey?Can I charge my phone or laptop in the coach?Does my bus ticket cover my insurance on journey as well?Can I have an invoice for my ticket?What exactly is rebrutto.com?Is using rebrutto.com free of charge?Where can I find my carrier's Terms and Conditions?Where can I file a complaint?Which countries belong to the Schengen Area?

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