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Created: 16/2/2017

Buy online tickets Oslo » Lublin

Route: Oslo » Zamość
Carrier: Sindbad, Sindbad - Eurobus, Sindbad - Interbus
Booking system: Voyager

Buy online bus ticket from Oslo to Lublin

Fares starting from 101 EUR

Discounts (The discounts cannot be cumulated):

  • 50% for a minor under 12 years of age (day of birth is decisive), while buying normal ticket in the same fare for the guardian,
  • 10% for a second and subsequent child under 12 travelling under the care of one adult Passenger,
  • 10% for youth under 26 (day of birth is decisive),
  • 15% for the holders of Sindbad Club Loyalty Card,
  • 10% for Sindbad Club Company Loyalty Card holders,
  • 10% for persons above 60 (day of birth is decisive),
  • 10% for the group of at least 10 persons going back and forth at the same time, on the same route,
  • 50% for other (additional) seat for a Passenger while purchasing a fully-paid ticket in the same fare on a particular route.

Buy online bus ticket from Oslo to Lublin

Bus stop locations on Oslo » Zamość route:

  • Oslo, Galleri Coach Station
  • Moss, Bus stop Mosseporten
  • Sarpsborg, Quality Hotel Gralum
  • Uddevalla, Torp Terminalen
  • Rodby, Terminal Port
  • Slubice, Swiecko Port 39
  • Radom, Bus Station, st. Prażmowskiego 12
  • Pulawy, Bus stop Polski Express (at Bus Station)
  • Lublin, Bus Station, st. Tysiąclecia
  • Chelm, Bus Station
  • Krasnystaw, Railway Station Parking, st. Lwowska
  • Zamosc, Bus Station, st. Hrubieszowska 1

Buy online bus ticket from Oslo to Lublin


  • The Passenger is entitled to transport 2 pieces of primary luggage (suitcase, travel bag, backpack) of total weight not exceeding 30 kg.
  • In addition to the primary luggage, one has the right to carry 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5kg. Luggage exceeding the aforementioned limit can be transported with the crew’s consent only if there is enough space in the luggage compartment.
  • For each additional luggage (1 piece, up to 25kg) or for exceeding permissible weight of the primary luggage, the Carrier shall charge a fee, depending on the country of departure 10 EUR/10 GBP/10 CHF/80 DKK/80 NOK/80 SEK or 40 PLN.

Buy online bus ticket from Oslo to Lublin


Chelm / Chełm
Pulawy / Puławy
Zamosc / Zamość

Coach and bus companies

Sindbad Interbus


Norway / Norge
Poland / Polska

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