Megabus • new domestic routes in France

Megabus announced it has opened its 50th domestic journey in France.

Created: 7/12/2015

New domestic services in France

A low-cost coach operator Megabus has announced the launch of 14 new domestic journeys. Six new locations:
• St Etienne
• Clermont-Ferrand
• Bourges
• Reims
• Strasbourg
• Metz
have been added to Megabus French domestic network within the past few weeks, bringing low-fares, good quality travel to millions more people across France. It means the company now offers domestic travel between 27 destinations in France.

New routes in France and cheap bus tickets

All journeys for new routes will cost just €1 plus 50 cent booking fee. Tickets are already available for booking at Megabus website:
Paris to St Etienne
Paris to Clermont Ferrand
Paris to Bourges
St Etienne to Clermont-Ferrand
St Etienne to Bourges
Clermont-Ferrand to Bourges
Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon
Bourges to Lyon
Paris to Strasbourg
Paris to Reims
Paris to Metz
Reims to Metz
Reims to Strasbourg
Metz to Strasbourg

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Saint-Etienne / Saint-Étienne



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Coach and bus tickets

Clermont-Ferrand to Bourges

Paris to Metz

Paris to Reims

Paris to Saint-Etienne

Reims to Metz

Saint-Etienne to Bourges

Saint-Etienne to Clermont-Ferrand