Weeks of discounts 2 for 1

A special price offer from Regio Jet.

Created: 31/10/2017

Regio Jet

Promotional offer

Route: From Poland, England, Belgium and Luxembourg
Carrier: Regio Jet
Booking system: Regio Jet

You have the unique opportunity to save 50 % for travelling between the Czech Republic and more than 60 European cities.

In the week from October 30 to 2 November 2017, select tickets for travelling with the yellow buses from Poland, England, Belgium and Luxembourg. The special offer Weeks of discounts also applies to tickets in the opposite direction – you can also travel at bargain prices from the Czech Republic to Europe. You can leave today or before 30 November 2017.

Ticket conditions in the special offer:

  • limited special offer for selected destinations in Poland, England, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • on sale from 30 October to 15 November 2017 or until sold out
  • only for 2 passengers per ticket
  • for one-way bus tickets (to/from the Czech Republic)
  • for departures in the period from 30 October to 30 November 2017
  • for arrivals/departures to/from Prague or to/from Ostrava (valid only for Kraków a Katowice)
  • connections to other destinations in the Czech Republic within the bus and train network of the RegioJet lines are subject to a discounted transfer pricelist
  • the tickets (the date or name on the ticket) cannot be changed or cancelled
  • cannot be combined with other discounts
  • you can purchase the tickets online, at points of sale or at the contractual dealers of RegioJet and Student Agency
  • you can find the details of the departure and arrival times in the timetables

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Brussels / Bruxelles
Katowice / Katowicy
Krakow / Kraków
Lodz / Łódź
Luxembourg / Lëtzebuerg
Prague / Praha
Warsaw / Warszawa
Wroclaw / Wrocław

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Regio Jet


Belgium / België
Czech Republic / Česko
Luxembourg / Lëtzebuerg
Poland / Polska
United Kingdom

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