Eurobus • timetable change in Czech Republic » Poland » Ukraine route

Eurobus Eurolines Polska changed service number and timetable.

Created: 27/3/2015

Czech Republic » Poland » Ukraine change

Eurobus Eurolines Polska changes service number and timetable on Czech Republic » Poland » Ukraine route.

Service number change

Service E-419 changes to E-383.
Service supports Czech Republic » Poland » Czech Republic and Poland » Ukraine » Poland routes.

Timetable change

Departures from Chech Republic to Poland: Thursdays and Saturdays
Departures from Czech Republic to Poland are from: Liberec, Mlada Boleslaw, Prague, Brno, Ostrava
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Departures from Ukraine to Poland: Mondays and Thursdays
Departures from Ukraine to Poland are from: Lviv, Stryi, Dolyna, Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk, Nadvirna, Delyatyn, Rakhiv
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E-383 Czech Republic » Poland » Ukraine timetable.

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