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SHA Poltava - Szczecin

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LocationBus stopDayDeparture
Ukraine PoltavaBus Station, 7 Velikotirnovskaya str.10:00
Ukraine LubnyBus Station, Radyanska 15712:00
Ukraine KievBus Station "Centralniy", Prospekt Nauki 1 / Moskovskaja sq. 314:40
Ukraine ZhytomyrBus Station, 93 Kievskaya str.17:00
Ukraine RivneBus Station, 40 Kiyevska str.19:50
Ukraine LutskBus Station, 39 Konyakina str.21:10
Ukraine Volodymyr-VolynskyBus Station, D. Galickogo st. 1423:00
Poland ChelmLwowska st. 20+102:10
Poland LublinDw. PKS ul.Nadstawna 1 20-120+103:50
Poland WarsawBus Station "Zachodnia", Al. Jerozolimskie 144+107:00
Poland PoznanBus Station, st.Stanislawa Matyi 2+111:10
Poland SzczecinBus Station, Plac Grodnicki 1+115:00
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You can verify fares in booking systems, to which you will be redirected from "Tickets" tab, fill forms as if you would book your ticket. Cancel your booking without consequences whenever you want, as well just before the payment.

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Ukraine Ukraine » Poland Lublin

Ukraine Lubny » Poland Poland

Poland Lublin » Ukraine Lubny

Poland Lublin » Ukraine Ukraine

Poland Poland » Ukraine Lubny

Ukraine Lubny

Poland Lublin

Ukraine Ukraine

Poland Poland

Lubny » LublinLublin » Lubny
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Ukraine LubnyPoland Lublin

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Poland LublinUkraine Lubny

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