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Chernivtsi » Moscow


Chernivtsi » Moscow

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Chernivtsi - Ternopil - Moskva

Departures: Fri

LocationBus stopDayDeparture
Ukraine ChernivtsiBus Station, 219 Golovna str.05:30
Ukraine StorozhynetsBus Station, Fedkovytcha str., 206:00
Ukraine VyzhnytsiaBus Station, Obiizdna str.,206:55
Ukraine KosivBus Station07:15
Ukraine KolomyyaBus Station, Antonenka-Davydovycha str.1507:55
Ukraine NadvirnaBus Station, 2 Vokzalna str.08:45
Ukraine Ivano-FrankivskBus Station-2, Gorbachevskogo str. 1409:35
Ukraine HalychBus Station, Okruzhna str. 310:05
Ukraine BurshtynBus Station, Mitskevitcha str., 4310:30
Ukraine RohatynBus Station, 8 Galytska str.10:55
Ukraine BerezhanyBus Station, 3 Privokzalnaya str.11:35
Ukraine TernopilBus Station, 7 Zhyvova str.12:40
Ukraine ZbarazhBus Station13:10
Ukraine Kremenets'Bus Station, 138 Dubenska str.14:10
Ukraine DubnoBus Station, 26 Zabrama str.14:55
Ukraine RivneBus Station, 40 Kiyevska str.15:50
Ukraine Novohrad-Volyns'kyiBus Station, 45 Shevchenka str.17:35
Ukraine ZhytomyrBus Station, 93 Kievskaya str.19:10
Ukraine KievBus Station "Kiev", 32 S.Petlyry str. (Railway Station)21:20
Ukraine KievBus Station "Centralniy", Prospekt Nauki 1 / Moskovskaja sq. 321:35
Russia OryolAZS Rosneft (departure from Orel - bypass circuit)+107:50
Russia TulaGAI post (192 km detour route Tula H-2)+111:00
Russia MoscowBus Stop "Navoyasenevskaya", Novoyasenenvsky tupik 4+115:00
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Chernivtsi - Vinnitsa- Moskva

Operates daily

LocationBus stopDayDeparture
Ukraine ChernivtsiBus Station, 219 Golovna str.09:00
Ukraine KelmentsiBus Station10:50
Ukraine NovodnistrovskBus Station11:55
Ukraine Murovani KurylivtsiBus Station12:35
Ukraine VinnytsiaBus Station "Western", 107 Shose Khmelnitskoe str.14:20
Ukraine BerdychivBus Station, 1А Privokzalna str.15:50
Ukraine ZhytomyrBus Station, 93 Kievskaya str.16:40
Ukraine KievBus Station "Centralniy", Prospekt Nauki 1 / Moskovskaja sq. 319:20
Ukraine ChernihivBus Station, prospekt Pobedy 321:55
Russia MoscowBus Stop "Teply Stan", Novoyasenenvsky prospekt 4+113:10
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Chernivtsi » MoscowMoscow » Chernivtsi
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Departing from
Ukraine ChernivtsiRussia Moscow

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Russia MoscowUkraine Chernivtsi

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