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Krakow » Carlsbad


Krakow » Carlsbad


KRK Airport Krakow-Balice » Carlsbad




Karlovy Vary - Kiev

valid from 2016-05-23


331 Zolochiv - Karlovy Vary

Departures: Mon Thu

LocationBus stopDayDeparture
Ukraine ZolochivBus Station, 2 Brodivska str.11:50
Ukraine LvivBus Station, 109 Strijska str.13:30
Ukraine LvivRailway Station, luggage space, 1 Dvortsova str.14:00
Poland RzeszowDw. PKS ul. Grottgera19:00
Poland KrakowBus Station, st.Bosacka 1822:00
Czech Republic OlomoucBus Station, Sladkovského 142/37+102:30
Czech Republic BrnoBus Station "Zvonarka"+103:30
Czech Republic PragueBus Station "Roztyly"+106:00
Czech Republic PlzenBus Station, st.Gusova 90+109:00
Czech Republic CarlsbadTerminal+110:40
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ROCA Travel

Stebnyk - Praha - K.Vary

Departures: Thu Sat

LocationBus stopDayDeparture
Ukraine BoryslavBus Station09:00
Ukraine Stebnyk1 Kulisha str.10:20
Ukraine TruskavetsBus Station, 35 Drogobichskaya str.10:50
Ukraine DrohobychRailway Station, 1a Zlukiv11:35
Ukraine StryiBus Station, 7 Vokzalnaya str.12:15
Ukraine LvivBus Station, 109 Strijska str.13:40
Ukraine LvivRailway Station, 1 Dvortsova str., AS №814:20
Poland KrakowBus Station, st.Bosacka 1820:15
Poland KatowiceDw. PKS, ul. Piotra Skargi 121:45
Czech Republic Hradec KraloveTerminal pl.H3+105:10
Czech Republic PragueBus Station "Roztyly"+107:10
Czech Republic PlzenBus Station, st.Gusova 90+109:15
Czech Republic CarlsbadTerminal, pl.6+111:05
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Carlsbad » Krakow




Czech Republic

Krakow » CarlsbadCarlsbad » Krakow
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Departing from
Poland KrakowCzech Republic Carlsbad

Arriving to
Czech Republic CarlsbadPoland Krakow

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